Doncasters UK Forgings

Doncasters UK Forgings’ Apprenticeship Scheme

Our business, set in rural Torfaen near the top of the mountain in Blaenavon has its challenges, our location and available talent pool being two of the most prevalent.
We are a unique business, making unique products for highly specialised industries and sophisticated aerospace components, so we need to do things our way.

Our apprenticeship programme has allowed us to create a talent pipeline in key areas of our business to ensure we safeguard our future with the appropriate skills needed.

The programme has raised our profile in the community, made people realise that opportunities are available away from the M4 as well as towards it, and has given us a solid footing with which to build a sustainable business.


Urdd Gobaith Cymru
Developing the Future Workforce (Inspire – Develop – Achieve)

Urdd Gobaith Cymru has the ambition to establish itself as the main provider of Welsh Medium Apprenticeships in Wales, with a target for the Urdd’s centenary in 2022 to deliver 100 apprenticeship opportunities. Our programme aims to create a young, confident and bilingual workforce ensuring that young adults develop their personal and social skills whilst increasing their confidence in the use of the Welsh language and developing key skills in their chosen sector.

The programme is currently offered within the area of Sports, Outdoor Activities and Youth Work, with a vision to expand into new occupational routes such as Finance and Administration and Marketing and Communications.

Our Apprenticeship Strategy has been created to help us achieve this vision, which includes creating a new Work Based Learning department, ensuring sustainability and expanding the range of apprenticeships available, and will contribute to the wellbeing of future generations in Wales.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Wales and West Utilities