Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Safe, Healthy and Happy at Welsh Water

We have been working on our health and wellbeing initiatives for the last few years. We have an ageing workforce and we are in an environment where colleagues know “it is ok to say you are not ok”, and where managers and colleagues are more open to talking about mental health.

Ensuring our colleagues are safe, healthy and happy forms part of our overall people strategy with the aim of fostering a culture where colleagues take responsibility for their own health, safety and wellbeing. Overall responsibility for our programme lies with our executive team, and a working group made up of colleagues from different business areas is responsible for promoting, delivering and managing the initiatives.

We can see the changes and the positive impacts our programme is having, with benefits being measured in different ways across the business including achieving platinum status for corporate health standard.


Coastal Housing Group
Embedding a Successful Well-being Strategy Based on What Matters

Our people matter to us, and one of the ways we show this is by focussing on what matters to them. Through a series of workshops, we gained rich and honest feedback which enabled us to understand concerns, and develop a holistic health and well-being strategy which is employee led, embedded into both the work that we do, how we do that work, and the environment in which we all work.

We have:
• recruited 16 volunteer wellbeing champions
• redesigned our office to encourage innovative ways of working
• created drop-in hubs in our communities
• improved facilities available to site-based colleagues
• achieved a cultural shift enabling choice, greater trust and more autonomy in roles
• abolished core hours and set break/lunch breaks
• improved communications – removing barriers between office-based and site-based colleagues

July to September 2018 has seen a 4% reduction in absence levels which colleagues tell us is due to the positive impact the changes in their working environment have made – they feel more trusted and empowered to get on with their jobs, with the freedom to work in a space and way that matters to them, and seek time out from the work when it matters to them.


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