1. Entries submitted after 23:59 on Sunday 22 September 2019 will not be accepted.
  2. Entries will only be accepted using the official entry form provided.
  3. For your entry to be accepted, you must select a category and complete the form.
  4. Identical (or very similar) information cannot be entered into multiple categories, ie each entry has to provide new information which focuses on a completely different outcome.
  5. Sponsors are eligible to submit entries for categories other than the one being supported by their organisation.
  6. Consultants entering on behalf of a client organisation must gain the organisation’s written consent before completing the official application form.
  7. CIPD Wales and/or the judging panel reserves the right to confirm the accuracy of the information provided in the entry form.


  1. The name provided as the entering organisation will be used in communications and promotion, unless instructed otherwise.
  2. Entrants agree to permit CIPD Wales to publicise the names of the entrants and entry titles through our website, social media, specific media articles and events. Commercial sensitivity will always be respected.
  3. CIPD Wales will be the official photographer/videographer of the judging day and Awards Ceremony, and you permit CIPD Wales to take and use the photos/videos for web and social media and in future promotional materials for CIPD.

Shortlisting / judging

  1. Finalists will be announced on Tuesday 1 October 2019.
  2. Finalists will be available to attend a judging day on Thursday 17 October 2019.
  3. Finalists will be asked to present their entry during a meeting that will last approximately 30 minutes. Part of the presentation must include a three minute video to support the entry.
  4. Finalists permit CIPD Wales to make use of the video in promotion material for the Awards.
  5. Finalists and the winner in each category will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.
  6. The judges’ decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. Due to the volume of entries we are unlikely to be able to provide feedback on entries.

Awards ceremony / dinner

  1. Bookings for the Awards Ceremony and dinner will be open to finalists on Tuesday 1 October 2019.
  2. Five seats per shortlisted entry will be reserved until close of play on Friday 5 October 2019, after which, they will be released to the public.
  3. Finalists may book fewer places if required, or, subject to availability, additional places.

Hints and tips for entrants

Before completing the nomination form, carefully review the description and criteria for the category that you are entering. Please complete all parts of the form. Your total entry must not exceed 1200 words (excluding headings). You may use a further 100 words to provide additional information that is not covered in the main form. The projects and activities within your entry should demonstrate results for the period January 2017 to the date of entry. Initiatives implemented prior to this period are eligible, provided the impact was apparent and measured in this period.
Clearly describe the business case for the project or initiative
  • Make sure that you clearly indicate the business transformation or change undertaken, setting out the role HR played and the business need that as being addressed. What was the intended outcome and how was HR central to that?
  • What was the specific thinking driving the HR effort, and how has that effort led to the outcome?
  • Remember – a great idea, initiative or project that isn’t firmly embedded in the needs of the organisation or brought to life in your entry may not stand out amongst others, however brilliant.
Show evidence of delivery and achievement
  • The evaluation process is designed around being able to clearly see and identify measurable results and outcomes as a result of the specific actions taken by the team and those who collaborated with the activities.
  • Clearly indicate where your journey started and where you got to as a result of taking a decisive and distinctive approach.
  • Quantify, quantify, quantify with appropriate metrics and measureable objectives.
Explain the people aspects of the project or initiative
  • Set out the specific HR and people management actions that were taken throughout the change or transformation delivered.
  • Outline how you achieved support for the project/initiative amongst employees and senior managers.
  • Talk about any cross-functional collaboration that was required within the organisation.
  • Good entries often have interesting and innovative communications strategies that clearly get the message across to all stakeholders. Tell us how you delivered the messages, how you made a change and who was involved.
Show the distinctiveness of your approach
  • Explain what is unique or innovative about your entry.
  • What was the scale and complexity of the challenges that had to be overcome?
  • Identify how the approach evolved the culture of the organisation to ensure sustainable competitive advantage, engagement and people development.
Awards timeline 2019

Closing date for entries: Sunday 22 September 2019
Shortlist Announced: Tuesday 1 October 2019
Category Interviews: Thursday 17 October 2019
Finalists’ lunch:  Friday 1 November 2019
Awards Gala: Friday 15 November 2019